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Montessori Inspired Valentine's Preschool Trays

Patterning and fine motor practice in montessori inspired preschool tray - Stay At Home Educator


SED.CD.p4.5: Demonstrates an understanding of what it means to be a friend. Group time is a great time to do an activity like this. Children can offer suggestions for what makes a good friend and the teacher can write it. For children who can write, let them write their suggestions with assistance. For children who struggle with large groups, have a discussion with one or two other children about what makes a good friend. Encourage children to practice these things.


Pass the Ice Cream: Sharing Activity for Preschoolers

Help preschoolers learn about friendship and sharing with this fun activity inspired by Should I Share My Ice Cream? Perfect for a preschool class activity on friendship & sharing, a playdate, or even for siblings who are learning to share. So easy to set up and super fun!


friendship mix. explain like cheerios, m ect. we are all different, but when placed together we come together as one, creating friendships


Kindness Quilt: "Rules" in Preschool {Child's Perspective!}


Kindergarten craft: heart mosaic