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Crooked Pervert Donnie...represents the swamp scum of this country!!

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Yesterday's Senate hearings on the extensive Russian efforts to get Donald Trump elected U.S. president produced a lot of good sound bites, and much-needed pushback against the right-wing propaganda machine's bizarre efforts to legitimize WikiLeaks at...

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Sworn In As #Senator January 2005 #44 #President Of The United States Of America Commander In Chief #BarackObama #FirstLady Of The United States Of America #MichelleObama #FirstDaughters Of The United States Of America Malia & Sasha #Obama

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My only bone of contention is where was everyone when we protested the election rigging of the primary, that cost us Senator Bernie Sanders as our president? What a long, long way to fall to president-elect Trump. If nothing else, the man has zero education & zero experience in politics. To say nothing of the words that come out of his mouth OR his cabinet selections.

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Ebony covers of "the 25 coolest brothers of all time" [2008] Here: Senator Obama. You might also like and

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Jeff Sessions Rejects Separation of Church and State

Trump’s pick for attorney general claims the separation of church and state is “unconstitutional.”

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Sam Houston - the only man in American History to be elected governor of two states, Tennessee and Texas; he was a citizen of four nations (United States, Cherokee, Mexico, Texas). He was General of the Texas revolutionary army; President of the Republic of Texas; and US Senator for Texas. A man of convictions, with his cane, he publicly beat the US Representative of Ohio on Pennsylvania Avenue for publicly maligning his reputation.

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