Roosevelt started his efforts to preserve Yellowstone National Park as early as 1894 when he as president of the Boone and Crockett Club (a hunters' organization comprised of eminent scientists, lawyers and politicians) worked the Secretary of the Interior to enlarge the park and improve its governance. The resulting legislation provided new levels of protection from commercial development and "ecological destruction". Conservation of natural wonders and natural resources became TR's legacy…

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Theodore Roosevelt in his Rough Riders uniform with his signature blue polka-dotted scarf. [Colorized History]

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Tea set, by David Andersen, Oslo, Norway, ca. 1930s Gift to President Roosevelt from Olav and Märtha, the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway

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President Theodore Roosevelt reads a book, while his dog Skip rests in his lap, in the doorway of the West Divide Creek ranch house in Colorado on September 12, 1905.

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Alice Roosevelt Longworth, ca. 1902 | Humanities Texas She lived in the White House during her early twenties, inciting scandals for smoking cigarettes, driving cars, and keeping a pet snake named Emily Spinach. When confronted with the suggestion that he curb Alice’s excesses, President Roosevelt responded, "I can be president of the United States—or—I can attend to Alice. I cannot possibly do both!”

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President Roosevelt’s Favorite Dish The Country Captain! Recipe: Mrs. Stamps, Buddy’s Mom, asked Daisy to autograph this recipe, which Daisy labeled as the President’s favorite. Rumor has it that Daisy was indeed FDR’s preferred cook.

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