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History repeats this - and all truths - because of our apathy! We are being gently 'numbed' and strategically lulled into believing that our government will take care of us. We continue daily to loose more of the rights fought and paid for by those who knew life without the freedoms we now take for granted. Someday soon, WE THE PEOPLE are either going to be led like sheep to the slaughter, or we are going to have to start fighting to keep and restore our freedoms! It's not a conspiracy, it's…

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Everybody Hates Chris - running for class president speech. to teach persuasive writing/elections "My name is Chris and I'm running for your 8th grade class president"!

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The story of Martin Luther King as told by Kid President. Perfect for kids!

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Colbert’s speech to UVA class of 2013…

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7 Lessons Learned From Michelle Obama's Speech

Even through the name calling, disrespect, racism, hate, lies and evilness The POTUS & The FLOTUS Never, ever, never sunk as low as the republicans and followers, now if that's not clatheirss and dignity I don't know what is!!!

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duterte Latest news december 18 2016 | president speech when arrive from singapore visits - WATCH VIDEO HERE -> duterte Latest news december 18 2016 | president speech when arrive from singapore visits Duterte Latest news December 17 2016 Durterte lates New December 17 2016 Balitang Today December 17 2016 TV Patrol December 17 2016 24 oras December 17 2016 P

George Washington: Read The Next American Civil War Blog: The idiots in the Mainstream Media still do not understand that freedom of the press , freedom of speech, is only viable so long as the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The job of the press is inextricably linked to the armed citizen. If the armed American goes, so does the independent, non-state-controlled press. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, will disappear.

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Write a High School President Speech