Aled Lewis, Volunteer Poster in Support of Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, 2016.

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Understanding our Three Branches of Government and the Presidential Election Process can sometimes be tough for students. This bundled resource comes with over 200 pages, perfect for helping you capture students' interest as you study the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch of our government along with Voting, the 2016 Presidential Candidates and the Presidential Election Process. #tied2teaching

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Nigel Parry creates compelling and powerful moving portraits of the 2016 Republican presidential candidates for the CNN debate on September 16, 2015 at the Ronald…

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Gov. Chris Christie's record will get a hard look from Democrats and Republicans after a big re-election win that put him in the top ranks of presidential candidates for 2016, experts said.

If it seems as if the list of presidential candidates for 2016 is growing by the day, that is because it is, at least on the Republican side.

Run for council or at least do the research to get there and work in local politics a la Leslie Knope

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