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sounds like a king to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi, everybody. As a nation, our top priority is growing our economy and creating good middle class jobs. That’s why this week I’m speaking to you from


Melania Trump Joins Donald Trump on Campaign Trail for First Time

Melania Trump Makes Her First Appearance on Campaign Trail as Donald Invites Impersonator on Stage – and Muses About Marital Fantasies

from The Huffington Post

GOP Congressman Threatens Suicide If Ted Cruz Wins The Nomination

Rep. Peter King: 'I'll Take Cyanide' If Ted Cruz Wins Republican Presidential Nomination

from BuzzFeed

Joe Medicine Crow, The Last Living Plains Indian War Chief, Dies At 102

Dr Joseph Medicine Crow in 2012 receives the Presidental of Freedom as a American warrior, as a teacher, as a lifelong student of history and culture, nd as a role model for his tribe. Today is honored as a role model for all of America.

Bernie Sanders 2016 Prominent Dreamer Joins Bernie Sanders Campaign. "At the same time that Bernie is trying to chase them out of DC, Hillary is accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from GEO and CCA's registered lobbyists," he continued. "[O]ne day they will call in several hundred thousand dollars worth of favors and skew the discussion on immigration reform to keep their detention facilities full." GEO and CCA are private prison corporations.