Portugal overturns presidential veto on gay adoption - Portugal’s parliament has overturned a presidential veto on a bill legalising adoption by same-sex couples. The motion was supported by the ruling Socialists and their far-Left allies. Conservative President Anibal Cavaco Silva will have to sign the bill allowing same sex adoption into law before his term ends in March. The president last month vetoed the gay adoption bill on the grounds…

National Vaccine Information Center Calls 21st Century Cures Act A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing and Urges Presidential Veto to Protect Public Health #news #alternativenews

Representative Lamar Smith from Texas has introduced a bill that would remove the peer-review requirement from National Science Foundation grants. This bill is called the “High Quality Research Act of 2013” and it is incredibly inappropriately named. President Obama has vowed to protect scientific integrity, but this issue should not have to come down to a presidential veto.

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Filling the cabinet is just a part of the presidential transition process. New presidents have nearly 4,000 other employees to hire.

overriding a veto: Action by both the House and the Senate is required to override a presidential veto. A 2/3 majority vote of the Members present is required. both houses may override a veto by prez ANYTIME during the Congress in which the veto is issued. should both houses vote to override, the bill becomes law. all congresspeople know this fact about vetoes.

This excellent Common Core-aligned primary source analysis activity features 5 political cartoons related to Andrew Jackson. Each deals with a different aspect of Jackson's presidency: The Spoils System, the Tariff of Abominations, The National Bank, The Indian Removal Act, and Jackson's use of the presidential veto. Each cartoon is paired with a set of analysis questions for students to answer. An answer key for this is provided along with blown-up, larger versions of each cartoon.

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Leachco Body Bumper Contoured Body Pillow System, Khaki New Born, Baby, Child, Kid, Infant, The Body Bumper is a contoured body pillow system with multiple positioning options to meet your needs. The system consists of a large curved body pillow and a smaller body bumper, which can be used t..., #Baby, #Accessories

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