Lecture 4: The Impact of Luther and the Radical Reformation. The History Guide [Lectures on Early European History].

What was the legend of Prester John all about and what is the legend's relevance to the study of the Mongols?

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16th century map of Prester John by Abraham Ortelius. A map of Prester John's kingdom as Ethiopia. Latin reads: "A description of the Empire of Prester John or of the Abyssinians"

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Prester John - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prester John Il prete Ianni, Re d'Ethiopia. Priest John (Prester John) continued for centuries what still capture the imagination throughout Europe. Until the eighteenth century in Europe you find Heroic portraits of him.

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Depiction of the Kerait ruler Ong Khan as "Prester John" in "Le Livre des Merveilles", 15th century

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Beautiful response to the question "How did European painters know what African people looked like?"

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Prester John - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Prester John (Latin: Presbyter Johannes) is a legendary Christian patriarch and king popular in European chronicles and tradition from the 12th through the 17th century. He was said to rule over a "Nestorian" (Church of the East) Christian nation lost amid the Muslims and pagans of the Orient, in which the Patriarch of the Saint Thomas Christians resided.

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