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For pride is spiritual cancer: it eats up the very possibility of love, or contentment, or even common sense.~ C.S. Lewis.

from Eat Pray Workout

The most valuable quality in life, humility

It's sad when people are too proud to admit that they have done something wrong and their actions have hurt people. But all they can do is deflect, because they want to think they did no wrong. They are so easily offended, but quick to be offensive. Don't let pride keep you from making amends with those you love. None of us are perfect.

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foolish pride; is just that FOOLISH, Pride is one of the hardest things to let go when someone is attacking you, and I dont know why it hits my button, because them attacking me is more about them then I, I need to remember that if it happens anymore.~RP~


“Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right.”―Ezra Taft Benson. How does pride keep you from feeling gratitude and humility?


Proverbs 13:10-19 {Avoid unnecessarily quarrelling} 
One of the most draining experiences of life is quarrelling. If you are willing to admit your mistakes and wrongs with humility, you can avoid a lot of quarrels. When a vision we have had for something is held up or our plans are delayed because of some attack or let down, disappointment makes the heart sick. On the other hand, ‘A longing fulfilled is a tree of life’ (v.12a). ‘A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul’ (v.19a).


Reminds me of the convention this weekend! How we are to look past the differences of others and forgive when they hurt us and get to know them. Be holy and be not a coward.