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When I was in college, we elected a King of the student body. Twice. Robert “King” Kersten, today a surgeon from Cincinnati, ran, at first, as a joke. As a parody of student government. He promised students an ‘enlightened oligarchy consisting of ‘me and my close friends.’ His platform included planks such as an A-B grading system for all classes, and recruitment of Yanamamo Indians from Brazil.  He campaigned in a Roman Catholic priest’s vestments and a cardboard Burger King crown. His…


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So today as a prank i made a sheet music print out of Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball but replaced the name with "Christmas Time Meditation" and deleted the words and i'm going to put it in with the church music and see if the pianist notices. He noticed and now i can add "yelled at by twl priests at once" to my list of accomplishments


I am going to do this, and no one can stop me.


World of warcraft priests funny --- I wish my friends understood this reference because I'd probably make it all the time in some way, shape, or from.


Catholic Humour, but really think about it. Never leave mass early i.e. before final commendation and benediction.