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Shadow Experiment

Do shadows change? The shadow experiment is one of the most engaging experiments we do all year in first grade!

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Mix It Up! Experimenting with Color

I love this fun color experiment for kids. Mixing colors is always a hit and is a great kindergarten or preschool provocation to teach primary and secondary colors. Teach science through a fun and engaging learning activity.

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Wonderful Weather: Activities for the Primary Classroom

Weather activities for the primary classroom. Read, write and learn all about the science of weather.

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Snowflake Science YouTube Videos and Activities for Kids

Snowflake science YouTube videos for kids and snowflake science activities for winter STEM

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STEM Activity Challenge: Hoop Flyers

STEM Challenges: Straws are such a great material to use for your STEM projects. They are easy to use, come in many colors and sizes, and they are inexpensive! Here's a flying project that used different sizes of straws for the flyer!

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Sink or Float Teaching Resources

*RECENTLY UPDATED* Here are some of the resources I use for teaching sink or float! I've included vocabulary cards, a prediction and result recording sheet, a

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Hibernation Should Be For Humans, Too... craft idea, science experiment, and a freebie in this post!

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To make beautiful DIY geodes in your own kitchen you need more patience and time than anything else! Here is the basic recipe to start you off in the world of beautiful geodes.

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There are 31 Primary Connections Science Units available free via Scootle. I have downloaded them and added them here for ease of finding.

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Bullying Lessons, Empathy and Self Esteem Lessons: Invaluable 4-Week Health Unit

This amazing unit is a student favorite, since it focuses on these relevant teen issues: bullying, self-esteem, overcoming hardships, and more!

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