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muaddibjihad: Wojtek Siudmak’s symbol of the worm, from the Polish edition of Chapterhouse: Dune. Clockwise from the top the planets are Kaitain, Giedi Prime, Caladan, and Arrakis. (more images from this book coming soon)

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Transformers Prime: Art of Prime, fan edit. I love how they include Orion Pax in this.... But so many feels :(

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System Lord symbols - Stargate I wish the tee shirt I have would have the free Jaffa symbol on it:/

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Prime Number Patterns by Jason Davies (via infosthetics

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Cube Root

Cubed Root: Find the prime factors of the number under the radical; look for groups of 3 of the same number, like 3 - 2's (cubed root of 8) to take out of the radical; if negative, can factor out the -1

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