Wedding procession of Pss Olga of Greece and Denmark with prince Paul of Yugoslavia

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Princess Maria Pavlovna Chavchavadze (1876-1958), wearing a boyarina costume

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Prince Christmas tree at the Minneapolis/St Paul Airport

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The Abamalek Lazarev Tiara. A tiara designed as conventionalized foliage and flowers centered with pale yellow diamonds, ordered by Princess Abamalek Lazarev of Georgia in 1907 and made by Boucheron. She bequeathed it to her nephew Prince Paul of Yugoslavia. The diamond rivière which runs along the base of the jewel is a later addition, apparently made by Princess Paul of Yugoslavia (nee Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark).

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Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, third child and the only daughter of Prince Paul of Yugoslavia (prince regent of Yugoslavia 1934–1941) and Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark.

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