Parts of Speech Poem from Life in Middle School on (1 page)

Can be used in a unit on parts of speech and/or poetry. Class can collaboratively write a new poem after learning about different parts of speech. Teacher can display poem in the classroom.

The ideal University would have this nice blue study area to help calm and focus students while they do their work while also encouraging collaboration with fellow students.

Collaborative Cobalt Workspaces

A more relaxed study area in Princeton University’s newly renovated Julian Street Library. Designed by New York–based architect Joel Sanders.

My classroom door for 2016-2017

Writing Interactive Notebook

iLearn Science: awesome back to school tool for teaching student about the scientific method

7 Ideas for Teaching the Scientific Method

7 Ideas for Teaching the Scientific Method — The Science Penguin Many upper elementary science teachers start off the year teaching their st.

10 Cover Designs: iPhone cover

10 Cover Designs: iPhone cover - This is a yearbook cover with an iPhone theme. I think this is a good idea for a person who likes phones or something like that.


Hufcor movable acoustic glass operable partitions tops in classroom design