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A Raspberry Pi and a small SSD make for a great low power web, file and print server. (Scheduled via

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How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Google Cloud Print Server - no need for a wireless enabled printer...

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matterQ is a simple 3D print server based on the Raspberry Pi single-board computer, the lprng spooler and the austerusG serial gcode host.

HP JetDirect 620n Print Server (J7934A#UUS) by HP. $59.01. HP JetDirect 620N Fast Ethernet Internal Print Server 10/100BaseT RJ-45 Interface Connector J7934A. Save 58% Off!

Print Server forwards printing job to printer. Print servers are often used as standalone devices or dedicated servers.

How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Google Cloud Print Server

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A server computer is mostly used in offices where multiple PCs have to be connected to a single printer in order to share printing jobs in the same network. The device that is used for network sharing is known as a print server. In most cases a print server is just another computer that shares the network, but mostly it a dedicated server which is also a device that can be connected to multiple printers. It is the server that acts as the interface between the network and the other computers.

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