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Probability anchor chart. I would change it slightly by using the same colour in the image for the writing (eg., "more likely" would be in blue because the pie chart shows blue is more likely).

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All About Sleeves | Sleeve designs can be a little bit intimidating. Drafting them is kind of a science on its own, and it’s hard to imagine what shape you need to start with if you have no prior experience with patterning them yourself; trial and error is usually inevitable, and if you don’t have the time to commit to it, it’ll probably never get done. That’s why we’re bringing this All About Sleeves post to you!

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Tris Prior on

"@DivergentPrime: "We are not the problem. We are the solution." #VoteTrisMTV " I'm sorry I've probably posted this a million times

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Fancy. Vintage. – The Pavloski are probably the ancestors of the Brabanter, Sultan and Spitzhauben breeds as it is documented to be much older and exported from Russia prior to the development of the aforementioned breeds. Unfortunately, we will probably never know as the Pavloski was rare and then basically wiped out during the Russian Revolution and subsequent wars.*

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Twister Probability Activity. Great activity to engage students in probability and see how theoretical probability works out in real life. I would use this as a sort of hook for the beginning of a unit on probability.

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Doune Castle, Scotland. Recent research has shown that Doune Castle was originally built in the thirteenth century, then probably damaged in the Scottish Wars of Independence, before being rebuilt in the late 14th century by Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany (1340–1420), the son of King Robert II of Scotland, and Regent of Scotland from 1388 until his death. By 1800 the castle was ruined, but restoration works were carried out in the 1880s, prior to its passing into state care in the 20th…

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Africa | Royal bowl ~ ' Agere Ifa' ~ from the Yoruba people from the Egba region of southwestern Yorubaland, probably in the area of Abeokuta, Nigeria | ca. prior to 1868

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Volcán Santiaguito. Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. by guido velasquez Is a large active volcano. Prior to the Spanish Conquest it was called Gagxanul in the local K'iche' language. Its eruption in 1902 was one of the four largest eruptions of the 20th century, after the 1912 Novarupta and 1991 Pinatubo eruptions. It is also one of the five biggest eruptions of the past 200 (and probably 300) years.

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Helene Schjerfbeck. 1884. This woman has probably experimented with more styles of painting than anyone. Her range is quite brilliant.

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