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Five Australian former prisoners of war after their release from Japanese captivity in Changi prison Singapore September 1945 [9001363]


US Slave: Ghosts of Andersonville's Prisoner of War Camp


German prisoners of war in Moscow (1944) Approximately 3 million German prisoners of war were captured by the USSR during WWII, most of them during the great advances of the Red Army in the last year of the war. The POW were employed as forced labor in the USSR wartime economy and post war reconstruction. By 1950 almost all had been released, in 1956 the last surviving German POW returned home from the USSR


Surrender of Japan, 1945. Allied prisoners of war cheering their rescuers as…


A map hidden inside of a deck of cards. During World War II, the United States Playing Card Company joined forces with American and British intelligence agencies to create a very special deck of cards. This deck was specifically created to help Allied prisoners of war escape from German POW camps. These decks when places in water could be peeled apart to reveal a hidden map.

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VJ Day: Surviving the horrors of Japan's WW2 camps

1945: Prisoners of War from the Allied forces eating food after being liberated from a Japanese Prisoner of War camp in Taiwan


US Slave:& Ghosts of Andersonville's Prisoner of War Camp & Point Look out Prison Camp. Scotland Md.

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Margaret Thatcher's Impact

Britain went to war in 1982 after Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. The war has been credited with helping Mrs. Thatcher win a landslide victory in the general election of 1983. Here, a line of Argentine prisoners of war were marched past a burning building in the capital, Port Stanley, in the final days of Argentine occupation of the South Atlantic islands.


Released prisoner of war Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm is greeted by his family at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif., as he returns home from the Vietnam War, March 17, 1973. In the lead is Stirm's daughter Lori, 15; followed by son Robert, 14; daughter Cynthia, 11; wife Loretta and son Roger, 12. / Credit: AP Photo/Sal Veder


This is the Hanoi Prison where most of the American Prisoners of War were kept.