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Five Australian former prisoners of war after their release from Japanese captivity in Changi prison Singapore September 1945 [9001363]


World War 1 - German prisoners of war parade through a farmyard, 1915 © Fotolibra


Andersonville National Historic Site - the most infamous Civil War Prison - Andersonville prison was the deadliest prisoner of war camp during the Civil War with a total of nearly 13,000 deaths. Over 40% of all Union prisoners of war who died during the Civil War perished at Andersonville.


WWI, A French-African prisoner of war, 13 Aug 1915. German postcard. Credit: AKG Images/Peter Weiss


Elizabeth Burgin was an American patriot during the Revolutionary War. Burgin brought food to prisoners of war housed on British prison ships in New York Harbour. She was credited with helping over 200 of these prisoners to escape the ships in 1778. The British offered £200 (at the time equivalent to about 20 years' pay for a British soldier) for her capture. She was not apprehended, but most of her possessions were confiscated and sold.[1] She was later awarded a pension by the Continental…


Allied prisoners of war cheering their rescuers, and waving the flags of the United States, Great Britain and The Netherlands as the U.S. Navy arrives at the Aomori prison camp, near Yokohama, Japan, on 29 August 1945.


WWI; A Reminder of the first tank action- German prisoners breaking up a Mark I towards the end of the war. It still has the Russian inscription " With Care to Petrograd" adopted in September 1916 to confuse German spies. Today only one Mark I survives."