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I lived through Obama. You'll live through Trump. End of sentence.

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a healthy baby and a healthy mother that are not a product of rape or incest. We cannot make all abortions illegal. There are medical reasons, like to save the mother or a fetus that has died in utero and will not miscarry.

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Second Amendment, is part of the Supreme Law of The Land, The US Constitution. Everything else is a BS political anti-American Agenda !

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It goes SO far beyond any of this when you include the Clinton Foundation, quid pro quo, money laundering and charity FRAUD!! Trump Pence 2016!

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So let me get this straight. Trump is pro 2nd Amendment, anti abortion, has an excellent tax plan, is pro American, anti illegal immigration, yet this is somehow unacceptable? Anyone willing to take Hillary because Trump has said mean things or argued with Khizr Khan needs to get their priorities in check.

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20 Funny ‘Pro-Trump’ Memes for Your Sunday

Hate jersey shore but that one nailed it

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Hahahahaha yup there's y'all grouping you complain about !!!!!!!!*******

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These idiotic leftists or libtards must not understand English! They need to calm down, breathe, and listen.....

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