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20 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

Good Gut Health is essential for ADHD kids. Here is a list of "normal" foods containing prebiotics and probiotics. #honestlyadhd

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Miso Soup — Cancer-Fighting Probiotics in a Bowl

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30-Minute Recipes

♥Manage inflammation with diet and lifestyle choices♥ Incorporate a diet rich in organic, nutrient dense, whole foods, especially, antioxidant loaded fruits and vegetables. Balance your omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acid ratio toward 1:3 or less. Good fats are anti-inflammatory. Also add probiotics with fermented foods Resolve lingering, low-grade infections and other pathogenic conditions.

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What are fermented foods, anyway

Fermented foods are a wonderful way to get probiotics in your diet. They are super easy and frugal to make and will help with digestion and nutrition.

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Homemade Root Beer

Homemade Root Beer - We used to make this at the Food Coop when I was going to college in Boston! This recipe looks even better!

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Probiotic-Rich Fermented Cinnamon Apples

These taste like apple pie but they are so healthy! This is the perfect recipe for those who are interested in fermented foods because the recipe is so simple and the flavor is great.

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Have you connected the dots between your diet and your mental well-being? Don’t miss this Food Matters article covering this connection & what you can do to support a healthy mind via your plate. Is Your Brain Starving? (Mind-Blowing Q&A)

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Get Your Gut Back on Track with This Creamy Smoothie — Delicious Links

The basic goal of this healthy gut smoothie is to introduce a plethora of probiotics into your system, along with foods that not only aid in digestion, but also help heal and protect your stomach lining. For this smoothie recipe, you'll need kefir, coconut milk, bananas, kale, and ginger.

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The Many Benefits of Fermented Foods. This traditional food should be a staple in your real food kitchen. Gut health. Probiotics. Enzyme. Stronger immune system. Easier to digest.

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