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3 Stages on a Successful Source to Pay Implementation Journey [[ Learn about the benefits of implementing the procurement software solution and the right steps to take for successful implementation of procurement solutions for Source to Pay. ]]

Does Purchasing Automation Benefit the Procure-to-Pay Process? Regardless of the size of a company or its specific industry, the activities of procurement and accounts payable impact each other. Because of this link, a company’s goal should be to maximize the efficiency of both departments. Doing so has very clear benefits, especially in regards to the procure-to-pay process.

Procure to Pay in 2017- In today’s competitive world, landing on the peak of success is “must” for every procurement business and to reach that stage, it is imperative to take advantage of the available technology and stay update in the procurement field. Since from the inception procurement has seen so many changes down the line and Procure to Pay (P2P) is no exception.

installing a flange or seal to replace one that fell down into the sewer pit Check out the full project Here's what I'm looking at.The hole you see there is about 3.5" across and it's the one going into the sewer. There used to be a seal there as you see with the other pipe and hole but it deteriorated and fell in. The PVC pipe can't be pulled out - there's just not enough room to wiggle it free without breaking the pipes above it.I can think of three approaches for replacing and wonder if…