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"15 Truths About Being a Professional Dancer" Click photo to read, really great!!!

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Professional Dancers | dear colin how long does a professional dancer dance for each day ...


Improve your arabesque with these 4 exercises from conditioning expert and former professional dancer Rachel Hamrick. (Photo by Nathan Sayers)

Everyone at Jyp have ninja skills when it comes to hide and seek, at least the boys.


Honestly, this is the only reason that I work so hard and drive myself beyond belief to keep pushing and keep improving and KEEP ON KEEPIN ON! I don't accept "no" as the final answer when it comes to my dreams and no true dancer should! Find that strength and push on!


Hahaha basically. As much as I love professional dancers, they cause me to question if I have any potential at all. XD


Mads - Picasso med Olga Koklova (Danseteater i Aarhus, 1989)