Projection Clock

Analog Projection Clock With Working Clock Face

Unlike most projection clocks that simply flash the time in digital numbers on your wall, this one displays an old-school analog working clock face with crisp Roman numerals, as large as you want.

House Industries & Heath Ceramics Clocks

House Industries & Heath Ceramics Clocks

These are ceramic apparently, but you could just do plain wood with laser cut numbers?

Batman Signal Projection Clock! You've gotto admit, it's pretty awesome! You know you want it!

Amazing Batman Signal Projection Alarm Clock - Projects The Bat Signal

Nerd Club: Laser cut Christmas clocks and files

Geek stuff and nerdy ideas come together in what is little more than a brain dump for a few BuildBrighton members. Most people find this stuff boring.

Gorgeous barn board clock by asinglesparrow on Etsy,

WRITERS PROMPT: What would this massive barn clock reveal, I asked myself? I had a deadline and I had to get the story before another magazine got wind of it, so I began with.

DIY Pottery Barn Knock-Off Projects

DIY Pottery Barn Knock-Offs