How to project an image on the wall without a projector

A homemade projector, for our mural! (made by redmag.) This one uses a flashlight.

Paint the basement wall for projector

Everything You Need to Know to Paint a Projector Wall

We have been meaning to paint the wall that our projector projects onto since we moved in to our apartment. Actually, I know Tyler was looking into it when he had his studio on the beach in Venice,...

Painting a Projector Screen. Interesting idea to consider. Could save money over an actual screen and could also look less obvious when not in use.

Projector Screen Paint for the home theater. Less money and better image than a pull-down projector screen! Will use this one if we end up putting the home theater in our living room (good for rooms with more natural light).

Silver Screen Paint ~ Make a DIY silver screen. This product can transform any wall into an HD-projector-quality screen — use the outdoor version of this paint for your backyard theater

Paint Your Own Wall Art with a Projector

Polished Damask Wall Panels traditional artwork for 785 dollars, I think it could be made from less

Paint by numbers from a projector and then painted in.  There are companies on the internet that will take your photos and create a paint by number kit for you.  Add the projector and you have very personal wall space! OMG

Cool DIY: Paint-By-Numbers Wall Mural — The Lettered Cottage

paint-by-number mural-- give each of the colours a number, matching the numbers to selected paint chips. once you've selected those, project the paint-by-number on the wall and trace it out using pencil and start painting!

Projector screen paint for projecting high definition video on a wall rather than using an expensive and bulky projector screen. Just paint it on!

Projector Screen Paint for the home theater. Less money and better image than a pull-down projector screen! Will use this one if we build the home theater in the basement (good for rooms with low natural light).

DIY your own overhead projector!! Cool via @cleverlyinspired Because every #homeschool might still need an overhead projector.

DIY overhead projector (how to paint an image on the wall), using a cardboard box and a smartphone flashlight

How One Geek Created an Amazing Wall Mural with No Drawing Skills, Just Technology

Painting Seven Samurai still onto a wall - with no drawing skills whatsoever. Wouldn't do Samurai but the possibilities are endless!

Paint on Screen - 3D4K 3D and 4K Ready Smooth Coating Projector Screen Paint with 3.8 Gain - Quart #Q003D4K

Screen Paint - Brilliant Silver with Gain -HD Capable and Ready-Quart ***Water Based and Must Be Sprayed.

Overhead projector, image: technique for painting large sign.

Red Hen Home: A little French Chocolate transferring french graphics to furniture