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Gif Or Jif?

omg! i knowww! peope get so mad when i say jif! im going to start calling peanut butter ghiff!!


How to Pronounce 'GIF'

“GIF” isn’t just an acronym anymore. It’s increasing use in web culture and everyday langauge has basically helped transform it into a real word. But what is a GIF, and how do you pronounce it when you want to actually say it? Find out below!

70% of People Worldwide Pronounce 'GIF' With a Hard 'G' #infographic #Technology

70% of People Worldwide Pronounce 'GIF' With a Hard 'G' #infographic


Sebastian Stan - this gif would be better if he were trying to pronounce gif instead of meme!


Confused About How to Pronounce 'GIF'? Here's How

YAY!!! Episode 3: WTF are we about?! is the theme of this episode where we discuss the sexy Ryan Reynolds and the #Deadpool movie. Other highlights that we discussed: Majestic #unicorn #masks #Florida woman with poo. #Amazon #Echo How to pronounce “gif”

70% of People Worldwide Pronounce 'GIF' With a Hard 'G'

As someone who wants to barrel roll into another dimension every time the word 'GIF' is pronounced with a hard 'G', I find the pronunciations of differing

Pull Up a Chair for the Gif Party

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