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One of the hardest topics to teach in Geometry has to be congruent triangle proofs. Identifying properties and theorems in order to develop and reason thr


Postulates, Corollaries, & Theorems List ~ High School Geometry

This 21 page High School Geometry Theorems Postulates & Corollaries List would be perfect to help my math students understand all the difficult Geometry concepts! There are over 120 different Theorems in here! Its so thorough. I love how the Theorems all have a diagram and explanation next to them to help put them in "student words". This would be especially helpful when we learn proofs and all those pesky circle theorems. Love Love Love!


High School Geometry blog post - Adding a step to my sequence of lessons for introducing geometry proofs made a huge difference!! Free downloads for your classroom


Introductory Geometry Proofs Cut and Paste Activity

In this activity students will cut strips of paper and assemble them into two-column proofs. The first two proofs are algebraic proofs, the third proof uses the segment addition postulate, and the fourth proof uses the definition of congruence. A "Hints Sheet" is included for struggling students.


Theorems, definitions, and postulates are represented using two dimensional blocks which are linked together to form logical chains of reasoning.


This is the best procedure I have tried for test corrections in middle school and high school math classes. Students must write out full explanations to earn back half-credit for incorrect answers. Download the procedure to hand out.


This is a short video, about 2.5 minutes on using colored pencils to write proofs in a geometry class.Posted: 1/6/17