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Property Brothers Age

This is Laura (left) and Cassie (right) Laura is ten she loves music, reading, fashion, and her sister. Cassie is twenty two she is a makeup artist. She loves her sister but some times she can pick on her in a sibling way up for adoption

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Started his first business at the young age of 7 where he made decorative hangers and sold thousands of them locally. The product became so popular that a company out of Japan started buying them to sell at 'American Paraphernalia' shops. This sparked Jonathan's entrepreneur ways.

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It's pool time! I love entertaining our guests with our big screen tv as they enjoy a night swim.

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I should put this up on my deck for the ones who show up "soliciting" their religion at my door. As if I do not know perfectly well what I believe in at age 34!

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Valentines Day Viscosity Experiment and Liquid Density Science Activity

Valentine's Day science experiment exploring the viscosity of different liquids. A simple and fun science activity that compares liquids that are more or less viscous. Perfect science activity for kindergarten and grade school age kids.

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St Winefride's Well Holywell,Flintshire, Wales, Known since the Roman times it has been a place of pilgrimage for the ill and sick for it's healing properties.

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Unless you're a renovation expert, a DIY job will never look as good as the work done by a professional. You could try to save some money by doing the job yourself, but in the end buyers will notice the lack of quality and guaranteed they'll offer you thousands less for the home or simply just walk away. My recommendation, save yourself the headache and get it done right the first time.

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Room Transformations from the Property Brothers

KITCHEN, BEFORE: The kitchen was saddled with drab wood cabinets and surfaces, and the original appliances were approaching retirement age.