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Property Brothers Age

I should put this up on my deck for the ones who show up "soliciting" their religion at my door. As if I do not know perfectly well what I believe in at age 34!


This is Laura (left) and Cassie (right) Laura is ten she loves music, reading, fashion, and her sister. Cassie is twenty two she is a makeup artist. She loves her sister but some times she can pick on her in a sibling way up for adoption


Crystals, the world's superconductors. I am surrounded by them. They are the bones of the Earth, and how the Earth Planetary Spirit communicates with her/his brothers and sisters, the Solar Spirit, Venusian Spirit, Martian Spirit, etc. Astral Travel


Jonathan and Drew Scott, known today to millions as the stars of HGTV’s Property Brothers, always “felt destined to do something big,” says Drew. “Growing up—and this may sound weird—I always knew we were different.”The brothers, now 37, started their first business at age 7, making nylon-wrapped, rosette-studded hangers. The company, called JAM Enterprise—for Jon, [...]


These Throwback Photos of HGTV Hosts Will Have You Saying, "OMG"

Pin for Later: These Throwback Photos of HGTV Hosts Will Have You Saying, "OMG" Jonathan and Drew Scott Jonathan and Drew Scott of the Property Brothers were clearly camera-friendly from a young age!