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How Cheney's Loophole is Fracking Up America

In 2005, at the urging of Vice President Cheney, fracking fluids were exempted from the Clean Water Act after the companies that own the patents on the process raised concerns about disclosing proprietary formulas - if they had to meet the Act's standards they would have to reveal the chemical composition which competitors could then steal. Fair enough, but this also exempts these companies from having to meet the strict regulations that protect the nation's freshwater sup


Real Life Benefits of Forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

If you are a sole proprietor, partnership or starting a new business, you should consider the advantages of forming an LLC. A properly structured LLC protects the owners (members) from the debts, liabilities and legal judgements against the business. Since the LLC owners do not have personal liability, their personal assets are protected in the event there is business liability.


Marinated Venison Steaks

“Thanksgiving here is about hunting rather than football,” said Errol Rice of the Montana Stockgrowers Association. But game is the game. What follows is a recipe honed over the years by the members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for a marinade that works on wild venison perfectly and most other proteins as well. Broil some steaks and pair the result with traditional Thanksgiving side dishes. Gluten free


1955 Autoette. The Autoette was a microcar created and manufactured from 1948 to 1970's by Royce Seevers, owner of the Autoette Electric Car Company Inc. of Long Beach, California. The two-seat, three-wheeled microcar was electric powered by specially made batteries from Trojan battery Co., and motive power provided by a converted 24-volt Dodge 1½ hp. electric starter motor and later a proprietary motor built for Autoette.


William Morris founded Morris, Marshall, Faulkner, & Co. in 1861. His motivation was to remedy the pervasiveness of cheaply-made, mass produced furnishings that lacked any sense of beauty or style.


3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Self Employed

If you're self-employed, or thinking about freelancing. you need to read about these mistakes so you can avoid making them!