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1955 Autoette. The Autoette was a microcar created and manufactured from 1948 to 1970's by Royce Seevers, owner of the Autoette Electric Car Company Inc. of Long Beach, California. The two-seat, three-wheeled microcar was electric powered by specially made batteries from Trojan battery Co., and motive power provided by a converted 24-volt Dodge 1½ hp. electric starter motor and later a proprietary motor built for Autoette.

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How Cheney's Loophole is Fracking Up America

In 2005, at the urging of Vice President Cheney, fracking fluids were exempted from the Clean Water Act after the companies that own the patents on the process raised concerns about disclosing proprietary formulas - if they had to meet the Act's standards they would have to reveal the chemical composition which competitors could then steal. Fair enough, but this also exempts these companies from having to meet the strict regulations that protect the nation's freshwater sup


The Portland Cement Company makes these tiles out of a proprietary concrete, which is cast in a wedge-shaped seven-inch-hexagon mold and left to dry overnight, then for a few weeks on a baking sheet.


Dr. Kilmer’s Female Remedy, 1870s "Specially adapted to female constitutions", this was the first product made by Dr. Kilmer & Co., an enterprise founded in the 1870s by a successful medical...


Delft Jug. Lambertus van Eenhoorn, De Metaale Pot, marked LVE / 4. Chinese blue and white porcelain became immensely fashionable in 17th-century Holland as the Dutch East India Company, established in 1602, began to import this exotic product by the shipload. The potters of Delft changed their style and the quality of their product in order to compete with Chinese porcelain. Decorations in Chinese style were applied in cobalt blue on the finest white tin-glaze ground. Jeroen PM Hartgers


THE FIRST MAP STAMP. The first map stamp is not a postage stamp but a U.S. private-die proprietary tax stamp (RO182) issued in October 1869 by the Wilmington Parlor Match Company in Wilmington, Delaware. It is an excellent map of the western hemisphere and a number of islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean.

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Unexpected (and exciting!) Changes to My 2015 Branding Process

Elle & Company Branding Process

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Self Employed

If you're self-employed, or thinking about freelancing. you need to read about these mistakes so you can avoid making them!


19th century seed packet Pacific Strong Seed & Plant Co. 1898 Sacramento