Today my friends and I were selling stuff to other students for a project for class and it was during lunch time so we had to eat while we were selling people stuff and my friend Canyon had suckers for anyone who bought whatever he was selling and I pretended to steal one and he stole it back and he was like "wait where's your lunch" and I just said "I didn't bring one" and he said "oh like you forgot yours? it's ok, I'll-" and I interrupted him saying "no I just don't feel like eating" and…

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90's protest art baby. Just kidding, I don't know if its from the 90s it just looks really 90s.

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National Conference on Volunteering and Service - live streaming video powered by Livestream

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"Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means." - Ronald Reagan

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The Peace Symbol was designed by Gerald Holtum, a message designer, in England in 1958 for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. It is the combination of two semaphore letters, N and D for Nuclear Disarmament, surrounded by a circle. It was made for a single protest march in Trafalgar Square but was picked up by the American anti-war movement when Vietnam heated up. Philosopher Bertrand Russell was instrumental in bringing the symbol to the US.

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picture of the silent protest organized by Occupy Boise, part of the Occupy Wall Street gatherings. Today they are taping $1 over their mouths to symbolize how the 1% have silenced the other 99% in the USA. They also say the $1 is one dollar more than the Bank of America has paid in taxes

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