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Asian Plum Sauce

I just love fall fruit! And the plums at the farmers' market this week looked absolutely gorgeous. In fact, I bought way more than we could eat or make into cobbler (one of my favorite things to do...

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Blue Italian Prune Plum Squares recipe

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Lekvar Prune Plum Filling or (Apricot)

Lekvar Prune Plum Filling or (Apricot) from Found this on-line requested by a fellow Zarrie needed for my Lekvar (LEHK-vahr) Kugel Lekvar Kugel (Prune Plum)( I was able to find it canned. A thick, soft spread made of fruit (usually prunes or apricots) cooked with sugar. This Hungarian specialty is used to fill a variety of pastries and cookies. Lekvar can be purchased in cans or jars in most supermarkets.

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Slivovitz Recipe Details | Recipe database | - Plum Brandy Eastern European style...another idea for an abudance of Italian Prune Plums!

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Plum Sorbet

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Perfect Plum Muffins (made with yogurt)...don't knock 'em till you try 'em

I was sent this recipe last year after my cousin Concetta raved about how delicious and moist the muffins were. Obviously, I tried the recipe myself, and have been making them religiously ever sinc…

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Polish Plum Dumplings

These were a great favourite of mine as a child; after all, how often did we get to have something yummy with fruit for a main course? I make them in late summer when fresh prune plums are plentiful but they can also be made with apricots. Please note that the time required for the dough to rest is included in the cooking time.

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