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I'm saying it now. I will not teach my children these things out of some narcissistic PTA-Style competitive... whatever. I will teach my children things that will better them.

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I wouldn't recommend it though, as you will likely lose your hearing.

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#Rain Drops #AlbumImage For #Upcoming #Album its been 3 years since last music released. It will drop 12am January 15th 2017. #Psy participated in the production of his upcoming album and also collaborated together. This is the first work since starting his own entertainment company. Let the countdown begin ❤#singer #actor #model #worldstar

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How is this so perfect!? xD They totally look like someone has fucked up big time!

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... my house has got to be organized and cleaned today! I need to get some kind of under bed storage, wtf am I gonna do with all my shoes? My closet is a tiny little lad, he needs to be reorganized... ahhhhh I have so much I need to do but I'm on here.

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Actually metal music has the same relaxation capabilities as classical, so I doubt this is accurate

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April 23, 1983: Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen reaches #1 on the Billboard chart (Official Music Video)

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