Homemade puff pastry is way easier than you think! Got 15 minutes? And lots of butter? You're going to use this recipe again and again. @dessertfortwo
Unbelievably easy Rough Puff pastry - Quick and easy to make and tasted infinitely better than store bought (30 -45 minutes only)! No long waiting times, to make this amazing pastry and NOONE will know you took a shortcut!
Don't like store bought puff pastry that is full of air? Learn how to make homemade puff pastry dough with this tutorial! Includes absolutely everything that you need to know about making pastry and to get the best results.Find out how easy it is to make and make appetizers and desserts that are even more delicious with this homemade puff pastry dough recipe.
How to Make Puff Pastry Dough
Easy Puff Pastry Dough which tastes so much better than the store bought stuff and is also easy to make!
Quick and easy homemade puff pastry. Step by step photos.
Puff Pastry. I've been looking for a puff pastry recipe for my entire life....my life is now complete :) :) :)
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These European-inspired pastries make an easy, festive dessert! Also known as vol-au-vents, they're puff pastry cups filled with sweet vanilla cream and fruit, and they can be prepared in just 30 minutes. And because Wewalka dough is refrigerated, there's no need to build thawing into your prep time!
Puff Pastry Apple Rose Recipe. "You don't need to be a pastry chef to bake this deliciously tempting rose-shaped dessert. It tastes just like apple pie. And it looks a lot like a beautiful red rose. Made with naturally sweet apple slices, sprinkled with cinnamon and rolled up in a perfectly crispy puff pastry." - Manuela from Cooking With Manuela.
Homemade Puff Pastry Sheets are one of the trickiest thing to try at home. Not anymore, discover the secrets of making it at home.
Cheesy Bacon Twists with Puff Pastry - Puff pastry dough gets stuffed with cheese, herbs, and other goodies, then wrapped in bacon and baked.  SO easy, and it's good hot or room temperature!  Perfect for game day or parties!
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Easy Puff Pastry Dough which tastes so much better than the store bought stuff and is also easy to make!
Palmiers, also known as elephant ear cookies, are buttery, flaky, crunchy, and just plain good. You only need puff pastry dough and sugar, but I mix a little sea salt in to balance the sweetness. Despite their good looks, palmiers are actually incredibly easy to make. This blog post has a full photo tutorial along with the recipe!