Norm the pug......although you are adorable. Sorry, but my pug Choncho is more handsome than you

Norm the pug.although you are adorable. Sorry, but my pug Bruno is more handsome than you | Pug - Breed Pictures and Photos how cute

baby pugs rules for life: eat,poop pee, eat toy sleep

Cute Pug Photo  Cottage Chic Décor Pug Art Animal by Camerallure, $25.00

Cute Pug Photo // Dog Photography, Pink Rose Print, Cottage Chic Art, Pug Wall Art, Cute Home Decor, Fine Art Photography, Photo Gifts

Cute Pug Photo // Dog Photography Pink Rose Print by Camerallure

Still one of my favourite pug photos girls

there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach." <--- pinning this purely for the fact that someone captioned a picture of a flying pug with High School Musical lyrics.

Little pug photoshoot

Little pug photoshoot. I wish I got more photos of Piggy when he was a puppy

A Pugs love is the sweetest love there is. Black and white. Pug relaxing on a couch.

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