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"Do you like this sweetie?"...."it's called a Wolf in Sheep's clothing"..."it's really quite Fabulous, but I can tell you don't like it"...."let's hang it back up on rack and see if we can find something even MORE Fabulous!", French Bulldog on a Fashion Spree.

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this is why i prefer ig : no one wants to talk to me on here

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Me when I get cut eating what I shouldnt when Im on a diet. Im still not giving up the donut though! - My Doggy Is Delightful

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Pug puppy

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Pugtato Art Print

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Ok. THIS PUG MAY BE THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH!!!!! And can you believe it, I touched one today! She was two months old, named Milly, and her head was the size of a 12 or 13 year old kid!!! Oooooh! More

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