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Want to climb a rope? Lift yourself out of the pool like a mermaid? Look like Michelle Obama? Yeah, that all requires upper body strength. Pull-ups are going to get you there. Find a pull-up bar in any gym, install an inexpensive over the door pull up bar at your home or even venture to a nearby playground or exercise trail and try this simple pull-up bar workout –


▶ 20 Exercises on a Pull Up Bar - YouTube Some of these are totally insane but there's a lot of good moves to work up to-windsheid wipers etc.


Break your pull-up plateau with this 8 minute pull up workout and pull up bar exercises. HASfit’s pull up training and pullup exercises will help you gain strength and lean muscle. The pullup exercises and pull up workouts can be done at home with a home. Men and women are both free to try the challenging pullup workouts and pull up exercises. The pull up bar workout is a great back and biceps exercises routine.

from Men's Journal

Get Strong With Just a Pull-Up Bar

This three-part workout will hit your chest, back, arms, and abs with one piece of equipment.

from Skinny Mom

12 Extreme Exercises to Add to Your Fitness Routine

Abs city right here! This #exercise is called "skin the cat" but we aren't really sure why... It should be called "shred the #abs " if you ask us! Caution for those who want to attempt: there is a definite risk of falling on your head and getting seriously injured if your bar is not properly secured. For the brave at heart, start by tucking your knees in as tight as possible while doing a half pull-up, then #lean backwards and come into a hanging pike position. Reverse the order to get down…