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Pulmonary Edema = accumulation of fluid in alveoli resulting in impaired gas exchange & hypoxia. Either cardiogenic or non. Sx = rales, wheezing, pink frothy sputum, peripheral edema, tachy-, S3 gallop, HTN, JVD, A-fib, diaphoresis. Tx = O2 mask, CPAP, nitroglycerin, morphine, diuretics, treat underlying cause.

Benson, a 5 year old cat, suffered severe smoke inhalation resulting in a burn through his trachea causing air to leak around his heart and lots of fluid to build up in his lungs as well as damage to his eyes (pnuemomediastinum and severe pulmonary edema and corneal ulceration). Milo, another five year old cat, suffered glass injuries to his paw pads and lack of oxygen exacerbated an underlying seizure disorder.

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How to Train for High Altitude Hiking

At higher altitudes, the air is thinner, there is less available oxygen and it becomes more difficult to breathe. There are serious risks involved with high-altitude hiking, including altitude sickness, acute mountain syndrome and pulmonary edema, all of which can result in death. Before you go on a high-altitude hike, you need to train your body...

DIFFUSE AIRSPACE DISEASE - PULMONARY ALVEOLAR EDEMA • Fluffy, hazy, cloudlike opacities through both lungs, mainly in upper lobes • Pulmonary alveolar edema

PNEUMOCYSTIS CARINII (JIROVECI) PNA (PCP) • Diffuse interstitial, primarily reticular, lung dz • No pleural effusions (would be in pulmonary interstitial edema • No evidence of sarcoidosis (no hilar adenopathy) • Pt has hx AIDS

Pulmonary edema or these drugs must use for decreasing the preload of Heart;Pulmonary edema is the most common cause of left ventricular failure for treatment 1-Options diuretics 2-Options Pulmonary Edema Drugs