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Outback Steakhouse-Style Dark Bread I know there's a couple version out there . . . but this is as close to the real thing you can get! No food coloring here! I bake exclusively with instant yeast, however I've given directions for both. Original recipe is from Gloria Pitzer (queen of copycat) however I've made some minor changes! Time does not include rising time.

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This pumpernickel bread has excellent flavor, chewy crust, and deep, rich color. The secret to the incredible flavor and crust is the 2-step dough process.​


How to make German Pumpernickel - Pumpernickel is also called" Black Bread" in Germany - or "Schwarzbrot"; it is a very healthy German bread.

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Pumpernickel - This is one of my favorite breads. It sure helps having a bread machine! Homemade is so much more flavorful than store bought .I love the crunchy out side of the bread...YUMMY. Nancy. 9/28/13