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Adoption...make a dog's life worth living . They live to love humans and have humans love them back.

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Shelter Takes Dogs For "Puppuccinos" To Help Them Find Home

Shelter Takes Dogs For "Puppuccinos" To Help Them Find Home

Omg,i swear, i was born to work with animals! They're so innocent, loving, and basically like a baby and they just want love! If i were able to, id take in as many as i could and build them their own home!

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Honor my life by saving another. Will never take your place but will surely be loved ♥

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Adopt, don´t shop. A message from:

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STOP Animal Cruelty (_Animal_Lovers_)not just animals ppl are treated the same way. iF YOU MUST SURRENDER AN ANIMAL TAKE TO A NO KILL SHELTER THAT'S THE LEAST YOU CAN DO. pLEASE DONT ABANDON THEM TO DIE ALONE & SCARED. This is wrong and sad

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Blue Belle | Apple Head Chihuahua Puppies aaaahhh!!!! I want one!!!!

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S A F E Rescue on

Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die... A D O P T Whether human or another animal. Adoption can save a life. Pray pray pray for the suffering to stop.

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