Hi master!! I've waited all morning for you!!

Hi master!! I've waited all morning for you!!

Waking up to puppy eyes on a Sunday morning  .

The Dachshund, or Doxie, looks like a sausage dog because it has short legs and a long body. Doxies have increased nose area that absorbs odors, which classifies them in the scent hound group.

cute dachshund puppy eyes

16 Reasons Dachshunds Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

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Husky une race de chien aux yeux magnifique

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If You Cross A Husky And A Golden Retriever #haha #funny

Golden/Husky Mix, I dare you to show me a cuter puppy. [this definitely isn't a golden/husky mix. or at least, not only golden & husky, but adorable nonetheless!