Walter is a puppy mill rescue showing off his teddy bear cut

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Stop puppy mills! Adopt, don't shop! Puppy mill facts and statistics. Animal Rescue | Dog Rescue | Dog Adoption | Rescue Mom | Puppy Mills | Animal Rights |

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Don't buy from pet stores. You are supporting this if you do! Instead, RESCUE, RESCUE, RESCUE one of the millions of dogs needing a forever home!!!!!!!!!

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Leo the Puppy Mill Rescue Boxer Always Has His Mouth Full This senior dog spent years in a mill, where they filed his teeth, so now he lives...

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Somewhere under knotted fur is a dog that was one of over 50 dogs rescued during the raid of an Amish puppy mill breeder. THIS is what you support when you purchase from a puppy mill breeder or a retailer that purchases the dogs they sell from a puppy mill. STOP PUPPY MILLS!!!!!

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THIS IS NOT OK! PLEASE REPIN to show that puppy mill dogs do not even get the most basic care. #nomorepuppymills #rescue

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The puppies you get in the pet store all have a mom they left behind at a puppy mill. Just a number, probably without a name, and surely living a life without love or kindess. REPIN this image in honor of all the dog still living at the puppy mills. #lola #NMDR #rescue

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RESCUE ALERT: Puppy Mill Rescue - 88 Dogs Saved - North Shore Animal League America

RESCUE ALERT: Puppy Mill Rescue - 88 Dogs Saved - North Shore Animal League America

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Bella, Pomeranian (8 y/o), North Shore Animal League America, Port Washington, NY • “She’s a puppy-mill rescue and she doesn’t have any teeth. She was scared of everything when we got her, but she’s...

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