Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas << The url to a wondrous video of pureness I love them so much! Thomas Sanders got his dream come true, considering that he's a big fan too!


Happy evening all! Hunt for the perfect rug continues! The previous one had to go i didn't get used to the off-whiteness/yellowness white needs to be pure perfectionist much??? Oh well

from Storenvy

Niffler Silhouette Necklace Fantastic Beasts Inspired Handmade from SHOW PONY

Niffler Silhouette Necklace Fantastic Beasts Inspired Handmade SHIPS FROM USA You will receive one handcut Niffler necklace, made to look like Newt Scamander's niffler when discovered in the jewelry store. Chain measures 18" but can be made in any length you'd prefer. Pure grade aluminun, sterling silver, and freshwater pearl. Would make a neat gift for a fan! Thank you for looking!


Feel don't Project..... YOUR SOUL IS PURE EMOTIONS... let the truth set you free to FEEL BLISS.. do not resist and let dark ones manipulate you into Hellish (pain & suffering)


twenty øne piløts #tøp #tylerjoseph #joshdun


This is why I hate it when people justify cheating with "If you didn't give it to them, someone else will." It's not a need, it's pure selfishness, it's acting on the most primitive part of the brain that we share with fucking rabbits. The great thing about being human is we have a higher level of thinking that allows us to make choices. If you're horny because you haven't had sex in a while, you don't have to cheat on your partner. If you do, it's not because you had to for survival (pretty…