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Purim Month

from Moms and Crafters

Make a felt play set for Purim!

Make an adorable purim play set from felt! This DIY toy for the holiday of Purim includes hamantaschen, a megillah, a food package with "grape juice", and a gragger/noisemaker. It's an adorable DIY toy for toddlers and great for introducing the Jewish holidays to young kids.


No matter how much it hurts now, one day you'll back and realize it changed your life for the better.


Purim/Adar: Adar begins with Alef and it is the happiest, most joyous month of the Hebrew calendar. In fact, traditionally we say "When Adar comes, joy is increased" but on a more colloquial level we just say, "Be happy, it's Adar!" The abundance of joy associated with Adar is primarily due to the fact that Purim is celebrated on the 14th of Adar. For more Rosh Chodesh Adar ideas, check out Everyday Simchas Adar Pinterest page.


Chag Sameach is said in Hebrew to wish people a happy holiday during the Jewish celebrations of Chanuka, Purim, Pessach etc.