Purple figs - who knew!  Native to Turkey, they slowly spread throughout the mediterranean region including Spain; Spaniards then brought them to Mexico in the 16th century; Franciscan monks brought the dark purple fruit to San Diego-area missions in the 1800s and thus were named Mission figs... now grown in Texas, California, Lousiana, Georgia, and Alabama... ~ Инжир

My Wife's favorite fruit. I planted a Fig tree in the yard 18 years ago. She stands on a stool and eats them right off the tree. 2014 - Colour of the Year - PANTONE Radiant Orchid .

An Old-fashioned Plum - blurple or blue purple                                                                                                                                                                                 More

An Old-fashioned Plum

The blue, indigo, and violet list of fruits and vegetables are great for their anti-aging properties. These foods have tons of antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins and phenolics. Some blue and purple fruits and vegetables are also really high in vitamin C.

Anything in this category will help improve circulation and prevent blood clots, so they are great for the heart and can help prevent heart disease. They are also known to help memory function and urinary tract health and to reduce free radical damage.

Fruit Tingle - vodka +blue curacao + raspberry cordial or grenadine. Top with lemonade or 7up and add cherries and blueberries.

How to make a Fruit Tingle

Fruit Tingle - vodka +blue curacao + raspberry cordial or grenadine. Top with lemonade or and add cherries and blueberries. It looks like a galaxy drink!

Elderberry, one of the ingredients used to provide our consumers with a strong antioxidant blend, has been used to boost the immune system, treat flu, improve vision, and boost overall respiratory health.

moonlightrainbow: “ colored-world: “ mabelmoments: “ fatchance: “ Deception Araila spinosa. Berries form in spherical clusters, often as large as a [soccer ball (US), football (everywhere else)].

Blackberry Lavender Popsicles ; fruit ; berry ; coconut milk ; vegan ; frozen ; summer

Blackberry Lavender Popsicles

These oh so pretty, naturally hued blackberry lavender popsicles are the epitome of summer bliss. Lovely and sweet, I like to mix up a batch after a morning spent berry picking or browsing the farm…