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Putin On Horse

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Cult personality: Well, not quite a cult. But don’t underestimate how much damage 10 years of Yeltsin, his antics, ailments and slurring on television, did to Russians and their view of themselves. Putin has given them something much more in keeping with the macho spirit of the Russian muzhik: a horse-riding, bare-chested, tiger-wrestling, clean living, straight-talking action man.


Rare and never-before-seen photos of Vladimir Putin On October 7, 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin has turned 63 year. Putin is spending the day of his birthday on a work trip to Sochi. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a master of sports in judo. He is a repeated judo champion of St. Petersburg and has a black belt in karate. Putin has been doing sambo and judo since he was eleven. The Russian president also goes in for bobsleigh, curling, arm wrestling and badminton putin_photos

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Today Is Putin's Birthday And In Russia There Was Much Rejoicing


Putin Sent President-Elect Trump A Large Wooden Horse- Register FREE: ❤ Using the power of 3 down ten levels could create over $10,000 to $50,000 monthly checks without buying anything! Blessings, <3

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