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Turquoise and Friendship Pyrex. Although I love my primary bowl set, this is very pretty as well!

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PYREX GLASS PINK 4 MIXING BOWL SET ( my granddaughters will each have a set I hope )

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Oh, my gosh! I would trade my vintage primary color pyrex mixing bowls for this set! To die for.

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Pretty Pink Pyrex bowls....vintage pink I have one medium bowl in this pattern given to me my late mother.

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Agee Pyrex Bowls - Love those scallops - I imagine that most have chipped making very few perfect specimens available!

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Thinking I may want to start collecting yellow Pyrex.??? I already have the large bowl that was my grandma Caruso's

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These are great, I did not know they came in all of these colors, I have the green set in my cabinet now.

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How to stack and display your, vintage Pyrex or whatever, bowls. Found this on Facebook. It's not my idea but I'll surely use it. Let me know who to give credit to

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