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$32.16 Elephant Glass Pipe is handblown in our glasswork. Pipe is made of strong and durable Pyrex. Glass pipe is shaped as an elephant, the trunk is used as mouthpiece and the elephant body serves as a bowl for your smoking substance. Pipe has a carb hole on the back side. Design of the elephant pipe is really unique, can be used for smoking but also as a decoration. visit my website to see available products.

Mario Piranha Plant Pipe Combine two of your favorite things with this Mario themed glass pipe! This Pyrex glass pipe is 4” with red/white/green pattern with leaf kickstand. Vivid inside out color patterns make this pipe truly unique and one of a kind. Sold on Etsy.

from Refinery29

28 Gifts For Every Type Of Stoner In Your Life

A pretty little pipe with a classic design and a smooth, matte finish. #refinery29

from Etsy

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon - Hand Blown Pyrex and Dichro Glass Pipe

pink floyd bowl

from Etsy

Gummy Bear Glass Tobacco Pipe - Q*023

Gummy Bear Pyrex Glass Tobacco pipe 023 by ApolloGlassworks. $23.97. Can i get a what what!?


Skull Extreme Glass Pipe - clear is handmade of strong Pyrex glass. The bowl is shaped as a skull, design is pure and simple but very unique. A carb hole on the left side.

Glass Pipe Master of the Force Hedcraft Glassworks by Hedcraft, $109.95-OH MY GOD. Someone but this for me!!!


Skull Glass Pipe - colored is handmade of strong Pyrex glass. The bowl is shaped as a skull and is colored from the inside. Design is simple but really unique. A carb hole on the left side.

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Skull Pipe and Bong Set is made of thick pyrex glass. Glass set consists of mini bong and two glass pipes, all equipped with a carb hole. Pipe bowls and bong base are shaped as skulls.