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Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems Task Cards

Pythagorean Theorem Word Problem - I love task cards because I can do so many things with them. There are QR codes too!


Pythagorean Theorem Maze from Amazing Mathematics on - (2 pages) - This self-checking maze has 11 problems involving the Pythagorean Theorem.

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Pythagorean Theorem Coloring By Number

Pythagorean Theorem Coloring By NumberStudents will solve 15 problems involving Pythagorean Theorem. Problems include finding a missing leg or hypotenuse, converse, distance between two points and word problems. When they get their answer they will look at the bottom of the box.

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Thanksgiving Math Activity - Pythagorean Theorem

Thanksgiving activity for math class! In this Thanksgiving-themed activity, students practice applying the Pythagorean Theorem. Students travel in pairs to eight stations as they practice finding the missing side of a right triangle, finding the distance between two points, and solving word problems contains scenarios that can be modeled by right triangles. There is also one basic 3-dimensional application involving a cone. By Free to Discover.

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PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM Word Problems with Graphic Organizer

PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM Word Problems with Graphic Organizers Get your students successfully understanding and solving PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM real-world word problems with these PROBLEM SOLVING GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS. Topics Covered: ✔ Pythagorean Theorem ✔ Converse of Pythagorean Theorem ✔ Solve a Right Triangle ✔ Pythagorean Theorem in 3-Dimensions Common Core 8G7, 8EE2


Applying the Pythagorean Theorem- In this video, learn how using the Pythagorean theorem can help people solve real-world problems involving distances. In the accompanying classroom activity, students develop their problem-solving, spatial reasoning, and geometry skills by putting the Pythagorean theorem to use.

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Pythagorean Theorem Maze

Love this Pythagorean theorem maze for my Geometry unit! This would be a perfect lesson / activity for an observation day. 8.7C Use the Pythagorean Theorem and its converse to solve problems. G.9B Apply the relationships in special right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, including pythagorean triples, to solve problems.

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Pythagorean Theorem Bundle! 10 Great Products

This GREAT Pythagorean Theorem bundle includes-Pythagorean Theorem Graph Paper Discovery Activity, Pythagorean Theorem Amazing Race QR Code Activity, Pythagorean Theorem with Models Puzzle Riddle Activity, Pythagorean Triples Activity, Square Roots and Pythagorean Theorem Board Game, Pythagorean Theorem with Models Exit Ticket, Applications of the Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems PLUS Spiral Review, Pythagorean Theorem Word Problem Stations, Pythagorean Theorem Notes with Word…