Pythagorean theorem solver

This app was created to solve the pencil breaking and pillow punching that comes with a tough Pythagorean Theorem Problem. No more do you have to figure out the square root of some non-perfect square! If you need a visualization of the triangle, no problem! A drawing is there at all times to assist you.

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Interactive Math Activities, Demonstrations, Lessons with definitions and examples, worksheets, Interactive Activities and other Resources

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Digital badges offer a new, flexible assessment model that can give students recognition for everything they accomplish — in the classroom, after school and in all areas of their lives.

Pythagorean Theorem Practice: Is it a Right Triangle Fun Activity - Lisa Blagus -

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My 4th graders LOVE this website! I'm using Prodigy to skyrocket my students' engagement with math! It's also wonderful for differentiating.

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Handwrite an equation and Fluid Equation will snap the hand written notation to typeset math. The typeset version can then be copied or saved to the camera roll for import into other iPad apps. Students can now handwrite equations and paste their work into screencasting, word processing or digital book creation apps.

Equation Creations (free) invites children of all ages to explore the fun side of math equations. In one section, math is used to draw beautiful sp...

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