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Equation Freak: Pyhthagorean Triples Interactive Notebook page

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Multi-Match Game Cards 8G: The Pythagorean Theorem and Coordinates

This set of 36 printable Multi-Match cards will help students find the distance between points on a grid by using the Pythagorean Theorem (CCSS 8.G.8). Students will also learn 8 different Pythagorean triples. Just print cards on plain paper, cut, and play. ~by Angie Seltzer


A Pinner said: A visual proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. When I taught this in class, I had the students prove it themselves by cutting out squares on graph paper. They cut out the square of side A and the square of side B, and then they pasted the squares along the hypotenuse. They loved it! - I MUST TRY THIS!!!

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Pythagorean Theorem Maze

Love this Pythagorean theorem maze for my Geometry unit! This would be a perfect lesson / activity for an observation day. 8.7C Use the Pythagorean Theorem and its converse to solve problems. G.9B Apply the relationships in special right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem, including pythagorean triples, to solve problems.


When not knowing math can cost you $15,000. (Great example showing the Pythagorean Theorem)

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Pythagorean Triple INB page - an update of an old foldable (Equation Freak)

Pythagorean Triple INB page - an update of an old foldable


Pythagoras' Theorem Years ago, a man named Pythagoras found an amazing fact about triangles: If the triangle had a right angle (90°) ... ... and you made a square on each of the three sides, then ... ... the biggest square had the exact same area as the other two squares put together!


Pythagorean Triples + coloring | Yummy Math - math activity or just do some coloring!