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BRB, Crying From These Hilarious Amazon Reviews

Giant 26-Pound Gummy Worm Party Python Snake With reviews like this one, can you really afford not to get a gummy snake?"This gummy snake is a bargain all must have. As soon as I got it, my life improved well over 100%. I could feel the life force of the snake coursing through my veins. Lint fell from my navel. Lymph flew from my nose. I thought I had lost my vision until I realized that I no longer needed glasses. My muscle tone improved so much that I ripped the sleeves of my shirt. I…

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When Python Wrangling Goes Wrong

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Cayman Blue Iguana: Found only on the island of Grand Cayman, these vegetarian lizards grow to an impressive 5 feet long nose to tail and have a lifespan as long as humans. Driven to the brink of extinction, with only 12 individuals remaining in the wild in 2002, the Cayman Island government has taken decisive action to help save this species. Through a large protected nature reserve and an intensive recovery program there are now 650 Blue Iguanas living in the wild!