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bioships: “ “@maxscaulfields asked: uncharted + favourite character - nathan drake Y’know, people are always telling me how lucky I am. But the truth is, everything I touch turns to shit. ” ”

from Engadget

Heavy Rain creators produce 'Kara' PS3 tech-demo (video)

"Kara" by Quantic Dream. Showing new motion capture technology they're going to apply to future video games.


//“sweet pea…” I never imagined, that death of fictional character could be so painful… Lee was a great father figure for Clementine. He somehow reminded me of Ethan Mars, from Quantic Dream’s game “Heavy Rain”. Ethan and Lee were that type of men I really adore - Fathers who can do anything for their children. Likewise, Ethan, and Lee, did not hesitate to save their children. Of course, Lee was not the father of Clementine, but I think Clem treated him as